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Friends of the Children-Portland is a professional mentoring organization that uses a highly effective and proven approach to address childhood adversity and remove barriers to long-term success. We partner with public schools and Oregon’s child welfare system to proactively select kindergarteners from low-income families who are experiencing multiple adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). We provide youth with 1:1 support from full-time, salaried mentors (called Friends) for 12 + years—through high school graduation. Friends work with 9-10 youth for 16 hours per month per youth. 78% of our youth are people of color and all live with the intersecting challenges of poverty and ACEs. Friends use an evidence-based and healing-centered approach to form meaningful relationships with youth that lay the foundation for lifelong resiliency and positive life experiences. Our greatest accomplishment is consistently seeing our youth create positive opportunities for themselves as measured by our three long term outcomes:

  • 83% of program youth receive their high school diploma or GED
  • 93% remain free from involvement in the juvenile justice system
  • 98% wait to parent until after their teen years

We commit to each child for the long-term. 12.5 years, no matter what.
Visit Friends of the Children – Portland at to learn more and/or donate!

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