Mural Mockup on Anvil Media Building

Anvil And Hovers Over Water Announce NFT Mural For Social Equity

PORTLAND, Ore.July 8, 2021PRLogAnvil Media, Inc., a digital marketing agency, and Hovers Over Water, a brand design and graphic studio, are proud to announce a strategic role in creating and hosting a non-fungible token (NFT)-powered mural and fundraiser event in Portland on September 25, 2021. The event is underwritten by Title Sponsor, First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Anvil and creative partner, Hovers Over Water, decided the timing was right to collaborate on a charitable event and NFT-powered mural to give back to the Portland community. The initial concept developed by Hovers Over Water evolved into a large mural that will be painted on the back of Anvil’s headquarters. The mural and supporting digital assets will acknowledge Oregon’s racist roots and the history of discrimination prevalent in Portland, yet aims to focus on a call-to-action for a brighter, more diverse and unified future.

The “19/19” mural is an acknowledgment of Portland’s history of segregation and displacement of indigenous peoples and more recently, black residents, who were barred from buying real estate in white neighborhoods in 1919. A once vibrant neighborhood in Portland, The Albina District, was gentrified starting in the 1950s, fragmenting community. Since then, organizations like Albina Vision Trust have focused on redeveloping North and Northeast Portland into a more inclusive and diverse community.

“While we’re excited about the potential of NFTs, we also wanted to explore the intersection of art, education and technology,” stated Kent Lewis, Anvil Media President and Founder. “We’re ecstatic First Tech saw the vision and helped make this NFT mural and event possible.”

Conceptually, the mural will represent a progression rising from a forlorn past toward a vibrant future. Consisting of 38 colored squares in a grid format, will be painted by the local community over a daylong event featuring local artists, music, food and celebration. The mural will be captured by photographs and video, which will then be integrated into an NFT and put up for auction. The highest bidders will own the rights to the mural and other related assets, while raising funds for local charity, Friends of the Children – Portland.

Anvil will be taking the lead role in marketing the event and mural, while Hovers Over Water is responsible for all aspects of creative and design. To maximize the impact of the event and mural, a host of area businesses were invited to join the collaboration. Henry V has joined the collaboration as the event management partner, Stephanie Schneiderman as the music liaison (and performer) and Full GV as the NFT technology provider and BosunHub as the web development partner. 

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